Gal Gadot Says Diana Has Evolved In Wonder Woman 1984


As previously reported Patty Jenkins’s Wonder Woman 1984 is featured on two covers of the June issue of Empire Magazine. Now Empire has released the interview with Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) along with two new official promotional photos.

In the interview Gadot talks on the changes her character goes through from the first installment into the second, stating that Diana in the first movie was a very naive, a fish out of water who didn’t understand the complexities of life. Now in this latest movie, Diana has evolved, she’s much more mature and very wise.

“Diana has evolved. She’s much more mature and very wise. However, she’s very lonely. She lost all of her team members and she’s guarded. And then something crazy happens.”

Gadot also goes on to talk on Chris Pine’s return as Steve Trevor, as he was an integral part of the sucess of the first movie:

“Chris was an integral part of the movie, and of its success,” says Gadot. “And because he and I and Patty really enjoyed working together, we all wanted to have him back. And Patty and [co-writer] Geoff Johns found the best way that serves the narrative to bring Steve back.”

Wonder Woman 1984 set to release in theaters on August 14th, 2020.


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