Geoff Johns and Clay Enos are in London for Wonder Woman


Geoff Johns who’s the Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics and one of the producers of the DC Extended Universe, along with Clay Enos who’s the official photographer for the DC Extended Universe films, who’s taken all the promotional photos we’ve seen from the DCEU have all basically confirmed that they’re in London, England for production on Wonder Woman.

Clay Enos first tweeted a photo he took going over the Atlantic Ocean, which was then met with at replies by fans suggesting he’s off to work on Wonder Woman, which Enos ended up confirming by liking many of those tweets, including ours:

Then Geoff Johns at replied Wonder Woman director Patty Jenks, with “It’s THE DAY!”, to than confirm in a follow-up tweet that he’s in a town located outside of London.

Gal Gadot also shared a photo of herself working out, of course getting ready for Wonder Woman:

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