Geoff Johns Confirms Teen Titans Television Series Shoots Next Year


As reported months ago, a Teen Titans live action one hour television series titled Titans, was in the works for the cable channel TNT. Titans will star Nightwing/Dick Grayson as the lead, along with other known Teen Titans characters like Starfire and Raven.

Today via twitter a fan asked Geoff John who’s helping with the project for an update on the series and he tweeted back confirming that they’ll start shooting next year.

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  • Darin Kobuddy Osborne

    Please… Just please… do not go the New 52 route.

    • Sp33df0rc3

      the fact that they have Nightwing immediately means they’re more than likely (i want to say definitely but who knows) not doing the New 52 version

    • Kaitsu

      They normally do, but change it up a bit, which is the best part about it. I’m just hoping that they just create their own thing, because that worked well with a lot of their shows already. Live and Cartoon.

  • Andrew

    Please be The New 52!

    • John Preis

      Bite your tongue! The New 52 — albeit having some interesting bits, here and there — has been one of the biggest letdowns I thing I’ve ever experienced with DC. Even the batshit-craziness that happened with the Titans in the 90’s and some of the 00’s is preferable by comparison; the best thing we could hope for — but likely won’t get — is a *proper* translation (updated, of course) of the Titans from the 80’s, during the Wolfman/Perez heyday when the characters were *AWESOME*, and Raven and Kory were much better than what happened in later reboots/reworks.

      • Casey Brown

        How about they do neither so we dont all know whats going to happen before it happens xD lol Original story line for the win! (BUT SO HELP ME, the flying graysons better be a thing, red hood better happen, and damien wayne please.. ) Yes I know its not a batman show, but I can pray cant I?

        • Phil Wright

          so… don’t use the comics except when it’s something you like. I’m sure Geoff will get those scripts by your house so you can sign off on them before they shoot.

    • Derek Pryor


  • Dave

    I hope they depict Starfire in the skirt and thigh highs, and not like what some of the Cosplayers are wearing. And I can’t wait to see how you’re going to do Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven. But Nightwing..Eh.

    • Ara Grey

      Probably not, since that was a modest, Cartoon Network alternative to Star’s more adult outfits in the comic books. Hopefully since this is gonna be on TNT, we get to see Starfire in her more classic style outfits.

      • lasbotellas

        Her outfit in the cartoons wasn’t even that modest. I hope they decide to give her a real superhero costume, but I’d be happy with most anything in place of the weird thongkini nonsense she wore in the comics.

    • Shane

      The rumor is they might not include Cyborg because of the fact that he’ll be in the DC Cinematic Universe (Dawn of Justice, Justice League, etc.) And DC isn’t planning any crossovers with their TV shows anytime soon. (The Flash, Arrow, Constantine, Gotham) But that’s just what’s been going around the internet lately.

      • Rob

        Um… DC did a crossover between The Flash and Arrow last week.

        • Phil Wright

          I think he means no Crossover between TV Projects and Film Projects. We’re getting a Flash in the DC cinematic universe that won’t be the same as the TV one, so they are keeping both separate. As for Gotham and Constantine, they air on different networks so any crossovers for them are out of the question.

          • jed_hoyer

            not mention constantine was canceled

          • thaddaeusv

            It’s not cancelled yet. NBC or another network still has the option to pick it up. No decision has been made.

          • kerath

            Being NBC said it’s cancelled means it has been cancelled lol, yes another show can pick it up but as it stands it’s done.

          • ryan clayton

            No, it hasn’t been canceled. They are waiting until the spring to decide if they want to renew it like most cable networks do.
            That said. It will probably be canceled.

          • Nothing has been confirmed about it being cancelled, everyone attached to the series is stating it’ll get picked up for a second season.

          • Everyone behind Constantine keep stating its going to be picked up for a 2nd season.

          • Constantine has not been cancelled.

          • jed_hoyer

            they started filming again? they’re only showing the original 13 and announced it was canceled

        • kerath

          It was horrid but yeah…

    • Laura

      I agree! I really liked the cartoon Network take on Starfire and the group. I hope that take her personality and costume from there and not from the slutty version who sleeps around… :/

  • Moose_Master

    Live action adaptions are tough…I have high hopes though!

  • Kaotic Cass

    I hope they do good on this, I’ve been reading Teen Titans and their various adaptations since I was able to read, and so far, the television adaptations have been disappointing. But, based on their current cinematic success, I have really high hopes! I can’t wait!

  • Derek Pryor


    • DangerBoy310


  • Duncan Beach

    How’s THIS gonna work, when according to the current TV/Movie canon of Batman, he and Dick Grayson never have met?

    • Michael Minkove

      The Movie and TV worlds are separate in the DCU, so what happens in the movies does not always apply on TV. Therefore, they can do what they want, regardless of the movie canon.

    • kerath

      It’s DC they can mess with the time lines and Universe as much as they want because reasons.

  • kerath

    Why the hell would you put a show like this on TNT of all the networks I mean yeah no one wants to use NBC because they cancel everything but really TNT…

  • Travis Uruh Spalding Braxton

    how are we going to have starfire real action on a network tv budget. i’m scared.

  • HungryPumkin

    Everyone’s Talking about a Teen Titans Series when there already is one!

    Now, who’s up for some “Pretty Pretty Pegasus”?

  • itbegins2005

    Nightwing? NIGHTWING?!?

    I hate Nightwing!!!

    Nightwing has always been little more than Batman Lite to me. He’s got the dark costume and night-based name of a Batman knock-off, but his attitude is too light, too upbeat… and the middling combination of those elements just makes the guy seem painfully generic. The only thing that even comes CLOSE to making this guy interesting is his relationship to Batman… and do you think they’re going to let this show even MENTION Batman, let alone make his relationship to Grayson a major part of the story? Warner Bros. is so protective of the Dark Knight, they wouldn’t even let a young Bruce Wayne pop up on Smallville!

    If they HAVE to do Nightwing, I’m hoping that, at the very least, they include Robin TOO. They could sub out the Nightwing/Batman relationship with a Nightwing/Robin relationship… make Nightwing the hardass mentor, and Robin the carefree youth with a minor rebellious streak. It would make Nightwing at least a little more interesting… (That’s what they did on Young Justice too, wasn’t it?)

    I’m definitely looking forward to this show, because I DO love the Titans… but I am definitely not in it for Nightwing. I just hope the team uses Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy (you know, the classics)… and maybe Terra, Kid Flash, or even Superboy. And I REALLY hope it’s not hurt too much by the involvement of Akiva “Batman & Robin” Goldsman. Considering the well of source material it has to draw from, this show had better be good!

    • ryan clayton

      You don’t follow a lot of Nightwing stories/Teen Titan stories, do you? The absolute best Teen Titans stories feature Dick Grayson as the leader because for 20 years he was the face of the Teen Titans. Dick Grayson, as a character, is far more interesting than Bruce Wayne, but because of so many stories fleshing out Batman, Batman is far more interesting than Nightwing.

      When they “killed off” Bruce back in 2009 and Dick took over for 2 years, it had been the best run of Batman comics in YEARS. Those two years were far better than the previous several combined.

      Making Dick Grayson a hardass would completely go against the character. He was created for the sole purpose of being a foil for Batman. Despite his own personal tragedy, he is the optimistic hero. You actually have it backwards on Young Justice. That was a pretty good adaption of the character, minus his ability to be good with technology. Dick Grayson is witty, optimistic, and at times, sardonic. Which they did pretty well on the show. The Tim Drake they threw into that show, who was shy, introverted and hardly rebellious, was not a very good Tim Drake. Tim Drake from the comics is forceful and intelligent. One of the few things the show didn’t do well was its handling of Tim Drake.