Grant Gustin Discusses the Second Half of Season 1 of The Flash


Grant Gustin who plays Barry Allen on The Flash sat down with IGN on the same day The Flash’s renewal for a second season was announced, to discuss what’s in store for the reminding half of the first season of the television series, along with what he’s hoping for in the future for the series, such as the still possible Supergirl crossover.

Highlights from the interview:

IGN: At this point, we have this knowledge of all of these things going on with Wells that he doesn’t have. Is he still 100% trusting in Wells?

Gustin: Yeah, when we come back with episode ten, it’s still 100%. Barry has no other option or reason for anything else at this point. Wells has been there for him. They’ve had their moments and they both can be emotional characters but Barry still trusts Wells with his life at this point, when we come back.

IGN: Have you started filming the episode with Mark Hamill yet?

Gustin: No. I haven’t even read that script yet.

IGN: Are you excited about that though?

Gustin: It’s unbelievable, kind of. All the guest stars have been really amazing. Victor Garber, the fact that we got him blew my mind. Clancy Brown, who’s been in so many award-winning films and Tom Cavanaugh is a series regular, and Jesse L. Martin I’ve been a fan of my whole life. But Mark Hamill, that’s kind of a different type of holy s**t, you’re one of the most legendary iconic characters of all time. So it’s really f**king cool and I’m really excited to meet him and his storyline has some really cool twists involved that are connected to his stint from 25 years ago on the Flash which is cool that we’re doing that nod. It’s really exciting.

IGN: It’s hard for a comic fan like me not to get excited whenever there’s the prospect of the crossovers and whatnot. Have you thought about the possibility of a Supergirl crossover, should that become possible?

Gustin: Supergirl, yeah. It also is exhausting to think about. But, if they’re like, “Hey we’re doing Supergirl now and we want the Flash to be on a Supergirl episode,” I’m going to get excited about that and then after that worry about how we’re going to make it work. But yeah, of course! I’m down. I’m down for any type of cool crossover as long as we can make it work.

Source: IGN

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