Grant Gustin Says No Journalist Has Guessed The Reverse Flash Twist


Grant Gustin who plays Barry Allen on The Flash, spoke with Comic Book Resources on what the future holds for Central City, the love triangle Barry has with Linda and Iris, the geek out over Mark Hamill’s time on the series and the big twist on Reverse-Flash’s storyline that he said no journalist has been able to guess right.

Is there a big, game-changing shock still to come in the rest of the season?

Yes. There’s a twist with Harrison Wells and the Reverse-Flash storyline that no journalist has guessed — I’ve never seen it online. It’s going to I think really surprise everyone. And it’s an original twist to the character that doesn’t mess up the mythology.


But you can’t dig through the comics and find it?



Does this mean a fan has been able to guess correctly?

The Flash returns tonight at 8/7c on The CW.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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