Halloween Clearance Sale of DC Costume Items


Less than 50 days until Halloween and we’re already getting into the spirit with SuperHeroStuff.com and their pre-Halloween clearance sale, of upwards to 40% OFF costume items.

DCComicsMovie.com has recently affiliated with SuperHeroStuff.com, who if you aren’t familiar with them, are an online store that has the widest possible selection of superhero merchandise found online. They also pride themselves of having the most Batman and Superman gear than any other online store! Amazing right?

If you still haven’t come up with your Halloween costume or didn’t even start thinking on it, let our first feature on SuperHeroStuff.com help you out with some idea by listing our favorite Halloween costume items from their clearance.



image-costflashinf-primary-shsnowatermarkInfant Costume Rompers

Easy one-piece suit that’s comfortable for infants to wear, for Halloween parties, trick-or-treating or all-year-round horsing around!


image-suitcatwzen-primary-shsnowatermarkZentai Suits for Adults

Perfect for Halloween as the whole family can go as the Bat family, as the Zentai suits come in as Batman, Batgirl and Catwoman, meow!


image-petbatcost-primary-shsnowatermarkPet Costumes

We might enjoy it more than they do, but dressing up your dog to match the rest of the family during Halloween is always so adorable!



T-shirts are always so comfortable and easy, also the upside you won’t be stuck with only wearing it once.


It starts to get chilly towards the end of October for some of us, how about a nice hoodie to keep wear, that is also doubles as a awesome costume?



T-shirts are always so comfortable and easy, also the upside you won’t be stuck with only wearing it once for Halloween, more so when the capes are removable!


Some like to dress up for Halloween, what’s the best in doing that than to wear a DC theme character stylized dress?



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