Harley Quinn Movie Featuring DC Female Characters is in the Works


According exclusively to The Hollywood Reporter, Harley Quinn has a film in the works at Warner Bros. with Margot Robbie as the lead title role, that will not be be an actual Harley Quinn solo film, but a movie that will features other DC female villains and superheroes within.

Female characters name to be dropped are Batgirl and the female team up group Birds of Prey. The Hollywood Reporter states anymore details involving the project are being closely guarded by the studio.

They go on to confirm that it was actually Margot Robbie who led the way with the film’s idea, as after playing the character in Suicide Squad she fell in love with her and dove into the comics, in hand falling in love with the other DC Comics female characters, leading her to get a writer to help develop the project and brought it Warners, who then snapped it up.

Source: HollywoodReporter.com

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