Henry Cavill Says Superman is No Longer a Wet Behind the Ears Kind of Superhero


Henry Cavill who plays Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, spoke exclusively to Empire Magazine for the March issue of the magazine, out on newsstands today.

In the interview Cavill spoke on how Superman is no longer the same Superman from Man of Steel, that he’s no longer wet behind the ears. He also spoke on Clark using the Daily Planet as a way to expose Batman’s wrong doings and how the fight between Superman and Batman isn’t оnе оn оnе, because superman going to win.

“He’s more used to this gig, doing his best to save as many lives as he can,” explains Cavill after mentioning that the world isn’t sure what to make of someone who could just as easily be tyrant as a saviour. “He is no longer frantic. He’s no longer a wet behind the ears kind of superhero.”

On exposing Batman:

“He doesn’t agree with his form of justice. For this farm boy, who tries to do things the right way, justice at any cost is not something he can come to terms with.” Using The Daily Planet, he hopes to “show the world what this Batman dude is doing.” Of course, we already know that they’ll eventually end up meeting, fighting, and becoming friends, but it doesn’t sound as if we should expect things to play out all that simply in Justice League. There, Cavill says his Superman is “the guy who can kick anyone’s ass” but still “the nice one”, something which points to a fun dynamic between him and his fellow heroes.

On Superman winning:

“It’s nоt аbоut оnе оn оnе,” sаys Cаvill, whо pоints оut thаt, if it wаs, thеn “оf cоursе Supеrmаn is gоing tо win. But it’s dееpеr thаn thаt, It’s mоrе thаt thеsе twо grеаt pоwеrs еxist аnd аrе аctuаlly trying tо аchiеvе thе sаmе thing, but in such diffеrеnt wаys…” Thеy аrе gоing tо lеаrn thаt thе Supеr-hаrd wаy.

To read the full interview head over to HenryCavillNews.com.

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