Henry Cavill Talks on How Batman v Superman Won’t Address People’s Issues with Man of Steel


Henry Cavill who played Superman in Man of Steel and plays him again in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, spoke with Cineplex in the January issue of the magazine.

In the interview he goes to admit that Man of Steel received mix reviews and on to say in Batman v Superman he doesn’t think there’ll be any intentional moves to address people’s issues, that it’ll just be a continuation of that storyline with the world-building, while adding new characters to the story.

“The reception of my first Superman movie, from what I’ve read, was fairly mixed,” the English actor says via phone from New York. “Everyone I’ve spoken to enjoyed the movie, but [not] unlike if you’re going to meet a stranger in the street, they’re not going to badmouth you to your face. There’s no intentional move, I don’t think, in Batman v. Superman to address any issues that people had with Man of Steel. It’s just a continuation of that storyline and they continue to develop that world and introduce new characters.” Cavill adds that, perhaps more than world-building, he’s excited to explore new aspects of his brooding, conflicted, Earth-saving alien.

Cavill also goes say how interesting Superman will be in Batman v Superman:

“I think maybe people may look down on some popular culture stuff, but they’re actually very complicated and interesting characters,” he says. “Superman especially, he’s just wonderfully rich and one of those things, for me, that’s just enjoyable to play. There’s so far you can go with it; if you really, really delve deep into the character, there’s so much you can do. It’s just about exploring it within the vehicles and finding what you want to do. He’s going to have some very interesting character development in this one.”

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  • Princess Diana

    Can’t wait for this I like that Clark is going to evolve and we can see more of his growth

    • Joker

      Well hello beautiful ….

      • Princess Diana


      • dumbass

        shut the fuck up.

  • Multiverse Inhabitant

    Henry can do no wrong.

  • Max Strauss

    This is the right move, in my opinion. To move on, instead of wasting a movie trying to fix the previous one’s flaws.

  • Verbal Kint

    The Cav

  • Jackrydeher

    I really enjoyed MoS. For me, the errors in the film were more technical errors as opposed to anything else. So I don’t see what it it that they would go back and “fix” anyways.

  • IronBatMaidenMan

    I mostly read from others that the destruction and Superman killing Zod in Man Of Steel are the flaws of the movie. But those issues are what’s gonna make BvS so amazing it’s the premise of BvS without those things there is no Batman being pissed at Supes and no conflict. It’s all part of the plan. I can’t wait for this movie!

  • Barbara White

    Yes, no Superman movie has EVER explored his inner depths and they run deep. Thank you WB!