Hiram Garcia Promises They Won’t Mess up the Shazam Movie


Hiram Garcia who’s the producer to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s who’s playing Black Adam in Shazam! and is working alongside Johnson on the film, spoke recently to ComicBook.com on his love for the character of Shazam! and what is expected from the film, confirming their a good way into development on the film, as well as  promising they f— up the film, that it’s going to be a blast.

On Shazam’s development:

“We’re a good way into development,” Garcia tells ComicBook.com regarding the status of Shazam!. “We’re expecting a next draft soon which I think is really gonna put us in the zone that we’re hoping for.”

On promising they won’t mess up the film:

“I promise you dude, we’re not gonna f— this up!” Garcia enthusiastically assures us all. “My vision is so clear for this story and this movie. As story tellers, you sometimes get on projects but this has always been a priority. I’ve been carrying the Black Adam torch for so many years before we finally locked it in and I’m telling you we’re gonna knock this thing out of the park. It’s gonna be a blast and it’s gonna be a dope ride, so get ready!”

To read the full interview head over to ComicBook.com.

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