iZombie a Show Premiering this Winter that You Need to See


iZombie clearly is a show to be excited about, as this is the second list it makes within days for one of the best mid-season shows. This time it’s coming from Adweek, which ranks the television series as one of the top 5 shows premiering this winter that you need to see. This is what they had to say about iZombie.

Like iZombie protagonist Liv Moore (get it?), TV viewers hunger for brains. They’re likely to find satisfaction of a more refined sort in the new hour-long dramedy on the CW, an extremely fun mash-up of lighthearted horror (think Shawn of the Dead), detective drama and buddy comedy. It stars Rose McIver in the lead as Liv and Malcolm Goodwin and Rahul Kohli as Clive and Ravi, respectively the suspicious cop and excited medical examiner. They discover that Liv’s ingestion of, shall we say, the game meats available to her in the local morgue, results in visions of how and when the dead guy bit it. Metaphorically, of course.

The premiere date for iZombie hasn’t been announced by The CW yet, we’ll report it as soon as it does!

Source: Adweek.com

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