iZombie Considered One of the 5 Best New Midseason TV Shows


Yahoo!TV were able to view a preview for many of the mid-season television shows for 2015 and they’ve ranked iZombie as one of the top 5 best mid-season shows for 2015 among some other series such as Empire (Fox), Togetherness (HBO), Bloodline (Netflix) and Babylon (Sundance).

This is what Yahoo! had to say about iZombie:

iZombie (The CW)

You know that producer-writer Rob Thomas is good at presenting a female-led, hour-long show that mixes humor and drama, because he created Veronica Mars. What you may not know is that iZombie is based on an excellent comic book of the same name, about a recently-turned female zombie named Liv Moore (the charming Rose McIver), and adapting it is Thomas’s new TV project. For a tricky concept — it might have been ridiculous to have Liv traipsing around with chalk-white skin and hair, making wisecracks — it works surprisingly well. Thomas understands what comics creators Chris Roberson and Mike Allred baked into their story: the notion that being un-dead implies being truly alive on a level regular humans never experience.

Source: Yahoo

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