iZombie “Zombie Bro…And so it begins” – Clip


ComicBook.com received an exclusive clip for tonight’s episode of iZombie titled  “Zombie Bro…And so it begins”, which features Liv (Rose McIver) and Ravi (Rahul Kohli) investigating the murder of a frat boy.

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  • This episode was like the absolute perfect mix of darkness and humor…it was definitely the funniest episode of the scene with some great one liners – “I hope you like the Jagerbombs and homoerotic subtext” lol. The frat boy jokes/puns were great, but the relationship and interactions of of Liv and Major really stole the show as usual.

    At first I was laughing at the scene where Major and Ravi hit up the club and do opium, but then they did a great job of really paralleling a real drug come down as it went from being on top of the world at the club so quickly to Major laying in bed, in full PZTSD state getting blitzed on opium while Liv knocks on the door. The sobering up effect was really quite jarring and it made for a fantastic ending