James Wan Supposedly Always Wanted to Do a Superhero Movie


Chris Tilly of the IGN show The Superhero Show spoke about an exchange he had with now Aquaman director James Wan, years ago at New York Comic Con, on how Wan has always wanted to direct a superhero movie and he was building up his career to get to that level where he would be able to.

As you know I have a bit of history with James and I remember. New York Comic Con years ago, when Insidious first screened a clip I was out with him, I was talking about “What you want to do, you know are you going to keep doing horror?” and he said “Not really into horror”. And he said “Superhero movies are my thing.” and I said “Really” and he said “Yeah, I’m kind of trying to get my career to a place where I can do a Superhero movie.”

You can listen to Tilly tell the show at the 10:29 mark:

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