Jared Leto Comments on Joker Casting Again


Jared Leto who’s best known for roles in such movies as American Psycho, Requiem for a Dream, Flight Club and the latest Dallas Buyers Club, in which he won an Oscar for, has been rumored to be close to signing on to the Suicide Squad as the Joker. In an recent interview with Hollywood Reporter, Jared Leto responded to the rumors of his possible casting as the Joker with the following:

Rumors on the Internet suggest it could be the Joker in a big-screen version of the DC comic Suicide Squad. “I’ve sworn to keep my mouth shut” is all he will say.

He didn’t confirm it, but he also didn’t out right deny it. If anything this gives us the impression he will be playing the Joker… he just can’t talk about it!

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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