Jared Leto Talks on Losing The Joker’s Green Hair


Jared Leto while performing for the campers at Camp Mars and sporting what looks like bleach blond hair, spoke on losing the green Joker hair for Suicide Squad and saying Goodbye to The Joker.

As we previously reported Suicide Squad has officially wrapped as of Monday, Leto will no longer need the green hair for The Joker, until if and when he reprises the role for the DC Extended Universe.

Let’s commemorate and say goodbye to the green hair. I know, I shed some bloody tears earlier. He’s been a hard son of a bitch to get go of. You know, I don’t know if I had him by the balls or he had me by the taint.

UPDATE: Jared shared a photo of pieces of his green hair on his instagram, with the caption “Goodbye”:

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