Jason Momoa Bringing his Sense of Humor to the Justice League Film


Jason Momoa who’s playing Aquaman in the DC Cinematic Universe, while promoting his latest television series The Red Road to The Hollywood Reporter, spoke on the Justice League film, his professionalism and humor he’ll bring to it and the Aquaman costume.

Justice League is quite a ways off. We don’t have scripts and stuff like that,” Momoa said. “I’ll bring my professionalism there. I’ll bring my sense of humor. Hopefully people will like that. If they don’t I’ll modify it.”

Justice League director Zack Snyder unexpectedly dropped the first look at Momoa as Aquaman in February, sending the Internet into a frenzy.

Michael [Wilkinson], the head costume designer, he created all of that,” says Momoa. “I basically just showed up and he made it happen. And It’s all Zack, through his genius mind.”

He calls balancing smaller projects with potential blockbusters “a dream job.”

“I have a TV show that I love,” Momoa says. “I’m going to be in one of the biggest movies in history in a minute, playing a superhero. And I have kids so that’s cool. My kids can finally see something that I’m in.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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