Jason Momoa Confirms Justice League and Aquaman Filming


Jason Momoa attended the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo in Calgary, Canada this past weekend, which held a panel for him.

At the panel Momoa disclosed a few things, such as how he’s hanging out with Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics Geoff Johns, that his Aquaman will be different from the comics due to realism and the filming times for both Justice League and Aquaman, which he said Justice League will start filming in 2016 and Aquaman in 2018.

“I’ve been hanging out with Geoff Johns and he’s a beast. He reinvented the character with the new 52,” said Momoa. “Like it or not, I’m the new fucking Aquaman buddy.” The actor went on to say that in order for his character to mesh with the universe that Zack Snyder established in MAN OF STEEL, some elements from the source material may need to be retuned for the move to theaters. “It has to be realistic and there’s a lot of stuff in the comics that won’t work on the screen,” said Momoa. The actor then revealed that a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie is a year away from filming while a stand-alone AQUAMAN film doesn’t shoot until 2018.

Source: Gotham-News.com

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