Jason Momoa Talks Justice League, Aquaman and Amber Heard Playing Mera


Jason Momoa who plays Auqaman in the DC Extended Universe spoke with Entertainment Tonight on his excitement for Justice League Part 1, on Aquaman being something that wasn’t explored before, the casting of Amber Heard as Mera and the backslash Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has received. 

On what he’s excited fort he most with Justice League Part 1:

“I like fighting. So, I’m looking forward to being a superhero and just fighting,” he teases. “There’s some good battles.”

On being pumped for Justice League Part 1 regardless of the backlash from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice:

“There’s been some things here and there, but I’m stoked. There’s a lot of support from fans,” Momoa says of the backlash. “There’s a big beautiful world. There’s a lot — a lot — of stuff. I feel really privileged to know that there’s a lot of big, beautiful stuff that’s going to happen. I’m excited too, for people to see the final product. And now it’s our turn — it’s Justice League time! I’ve been waiting for four years that I’ve known about it that I’ve had to keep my mouth shut. I’m super pumped to shoot it!”

On loving Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, even though others didn’t:

“Some people liked it, some people didn’t, it is what it is,” he added. “I don’t get it, but I don’t really listen to what anyone says…You can’t win ’em all. And I had a ball. I loved it.”

On how Aquaman will be something that hasn’t been explored before:

“It’s just something that hasn’t been explored before,” he reveals. “For me, it’s like Iron Man. When Iron Man came out, it was like, ‘Wow!’ We haven’t explored that character before and Robert Downey took it to a whole another level. He’s genius and it was amazing. I loved it.”

On Amber Heard playing Mera in the DC Extended Universe:

“I’m super stoked. She’s awesome!”

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