Jena Malone Says Her Lips are Sealed


In a recent interview with The Daily Beast Jena Malone was asked about if the rumors were true that she’s playing Carrie Kelly, the female Robin in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in which she simply responded with that her “lips are sealed”.

Rumors have been flying for months now that she was part of the film when she was spotted on set of the film with Zack Snyder, while eating an ice cream cone.


At the time some people thought she was only there due to being friends with Snyder as she worked with him on Sucker Punch, others thought she might be in the film playing Harley Quinn, as she had the blonde hair and a lot fans thought Malone could easily pull off the character. Carrie_kelley-300x400

But soon after that photo was taken Malone ended up drying her hair red and more rumors started to spark soon afterwards that she was in fact in the film, but that she’ll be playing Carrie Kelly, who’s Batman’s Robin in the Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns comic book series, the story Snyder seems to be closely following for Dawn of Justice.

Guess time will only tell who exactly Jena Malone is playing, because other redheads that are close to Batman are also Barbara Gordon whose Batgirl and Maggie Sawyer, who is Batwoman. There’s a possibly she could be playing one of those characters as well.


Source: The Daily Beast

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