Jena Malone Still Avoiding Batman v Superman Questions


In a recent interview with MovieFone for her most recent film to hit theaters Inherent Vice. Jena Malone was asked about her role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and like a real pro she avoided answering it by changing the subject to her other film The Hunger Games.

There have been rumors that you are in talks to join another sizable franchise for a director you’ve worked with before, as part of Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Can you say anything?

Ummmm… no.

Would you say, hypothetically, that you would be excited to contribute a strong female role model to a genre that is somewhat bereft of them?
I don’t think that it’s bereft. I mean look at “Hunger Games” — are you kidding me?

Yeah, but “The Hunger Games” isn’t a comic book.

It doesn’t matter. You’re turning something into a film, you’re creating a myth. What is a comic book but a written myth? I feel like there’s so much negativity, but we create. We’re still making things. It’s not about having as much as they have, it’s about continuing the conversation.

At this rate we won’t know who she’s playing until the movie releases or at least until the first full length trailer or maybe it’ll be better if we’re surprised!

Source: Moviefone

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