Jeremy Jordan Talks the Possibility of a Supergirl Musical Episode and much more


Jeremy Jordan who plays Winslow Schott aka the Toyman on Supergirl, spoke with during his time at San Diego Comic Con on his character working relationship with Cat Grant, his reaction to seeing Melissa Benoist in the Supergirl suit for the first time, the possibility of there being a musical episode for the series and much more.

Kara is technically a single person regardless of what costume she’s in. I was wondering, for you, was there any mental trigger when she stepped out and you were doing a scene with her in the costume.

Well, the first time I saw her in the costume is the first time the audience sees her in the pilot, because my character sort of makes her clothes for her — he’s her personal superhero tailor. And so when she steps out, I think I kind of had a very similar reaction. I hadn’t seen any of the promo pics, I hadn’t seen any of that sort of stuff.

But at the same time, I had to remove myself because Melissa and I are two total goofball dorks. So the first time she stepped out in rehearsal, she’s like [making a funny voice] “Hey! Lookit this!” And we’re just laughing and being idiots. So we have to switch gears when they call action, because between takes we’re just acting stupid the whole time, which I think is great because so many times, I come from a theatre background and when you’re working with a new person for the first time, it’s sort of crash course, get-to-know-you, let’s be best friends. And you don’t see a lot of that in film and television because it’s so fleeting, you know? When you’re in theatre, you do the same thing every night. And Melissa and I sort of hit it off instantly, and I think that reflects onscreen and hopefully will continue to in the future.

Supergirl is a fun show and there’s a lot of musical talent on board. It’s kind of unlikely we’ll get a musical episode but do you think we might see the music incorporated somewhere, like on The Flash with Grant doing karaoke?

You know, that’s up to the producers. I think if that happens, wait a second, let us establish these new characters, because people see especially Melissa and I as singers, ahead of being just an actor. I think it would be cool to do that down the line, though; we can also do fun, promo-y things with it and keep it out of the actual show. I was saying that next year for Comic-Con, for our panel, we should do a big group number to introduce the show.

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