Jesse Eisenberg Says There’s A Psychological Reality To Playing Lex


Jesse Eisenberg who’s playing Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, was interviewed by Detroit Free Press, while he promoting his latest film The End of the Tour, where he spoke on his character of Lex, as well as the character’s long locks that were seen in the latest trailer.

“It’s probably a very contemporary portrayal because there’s some kind of psychological reality to it. I think that’s a very contemporary idea,” he says now. “We can go to see a movie, even one as theatrical as a superhero movie and there’s some kind of psychological reality to even the villainous characters.”

He’s not very chatty about surface aspects of the character, like his long hair in the “Batman v. Superman” trailer (as opposed to the stark bald character photo of Luthor previously released). Are people asking him about that? “Not yet, you’re the first of the day, so maybe this is the ominous cloud of things to come,” he quips.

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