Jesse Eisenberg Talks on What He Channeled to Play Lex Luthor


Jesse Eisenberg who plays Lex Luthor was on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was on the The Diane Rehm Show this morning to promote his latest book Bream Gives Me Hiccups, in which during the interview a fan called in and asked Eisenberg on what he was channeling while playing the role Lex Luthor in the film.

The same fan has then shared the exchange on Youtube.

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  • IronBatMaidenMan

    Dam good answer.

  • Newmantoplease

    Jesus Christ, he gets it, he gets Lex. I’m so excited to see his performance and after the movie comes out, I can’t wait to be that annoying reminder to everyone that shitted on him that he was one of the best parts of the film that everyone loves.