Jimmy Akingbola Cast as Baron Reiter on Arrow


According to Deadline, Jimmy Akingbola (Holby City) has been cast a recurring role on season 4 of Arrow, playing Baron Reiter also know as Baron Blitzkrieg in the DC Comics, as a new enemy for Oliver Queen.

Baron Reiter will be seen Oliver’s flashbacks and described as a grizzled, hardened and commanding man, who has no conscience and few compunctions, offers Oliver a job in his underground organization.

In the comics Baron Reiter was a Nazi army officer who was blinded when a concentration camp prisoner threw acid into his face.  German scientists experimented on him, giving experimental drugs, that ended with him having powers such as superhuman strength, the ability to fly and channel his internal energies through his eyes.

Lets just say, being confused by the choice of actor for this role is an understatement going by who he is in the comics.

Source: Deadline

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