Joe Morton Says Justice League Will Make You Care About Cyborg


Joe Morton who plays Cyborg’s father Dr. Silas Stone in the DC Extended Universe, recently spoke to Game Spot on the character of Cyborg. Morton goes on to say that all the Justice League character are much more known by the audience, while only comic book geeks who really know the comics know of Cyborg.  

But goes on to say how in Cyborg will be getting his own film, which is where the audience will really get to know the character, but in Justice League the audience will get an outside story of the character that’ll help them care for him.

I suppose on that level they are relatively new characters to get to know and supposedly what will happen after Justice League, at some point, is there will be a movie that centers on Cyborg, so you’ll get a better picture on who he is and what his life and what his whole thing is about. With Cyborg, and with Silas Stone, you’re getting sort of the outside story. You’ll get to know them vis-a-vis the death of Cyborg’s mother. You’ll get to know what Silas did in terms of reconstructing his son. You’ll get to know the angst that’s sort of created between Silas and Victor, his son. So I would imagine in the same sort of ways you’re going to get to know the other characters.

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