Justice League: Gods and Monsters Soundtrack Announced


La-La Land Records has announced that they will be releasing a soundtrack album for the DC Animation film Justice League: Gods and Monsters, music composed by Frederik Wiedmann.

The soundtrack will be a limited edition that’ll be released on August 11th, 2015 on the La-La Land Records site.

Here’s the album track list:

  1. Last Child of Krypton
    2. Main Title
    3. Code Black
    4. Another Kill
    5. Fair Play
    6. In Another Life
    7. Torn Apart
    8. Virtually Impenetrable
    9. No More Disappearing
    10. A Warm Heart
    11. You Belonged To Someone Once
    12. Tasting Blood
    13. No Redemption
    14. Trust
    15. Aftermath
    16. Superman’s Legacy
    17. Evacuate Metropolis
    18. Victor Fries
    19. All Minds As One
    20. Magnus
    21. Get Out Of My House
    22. I Loved Two People
    23. The Core
    24. Be a Real Hero
    25. Justice League – Gods and Monsters
    26. Superman – Bomb (Bonus Track)

Source: FilmMusicReporter.com

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