Justice League Runtime Being Reported at 121 Minutes


According to Empire Cinemas the runtime for Justice League is now being reported at 121 minutes, which would make the film 2 hours and 1 minute long, making it the shortest movie in the DC Extended Universe

We previously reported that according to the big theater chain in the United Kingdom Cineworld, the runtime for Justice League was listed at 150 minutes, would had made the film exactly 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Though that runtime for a film about the biggest characters in DC Comics coming together as a team for the first time seemed very realistic, it wasn’t confirmed by Warner Bros,  just like this latest reported runtime.

In hand we will just see each runtime as rumored for now, until the studio confirms it themselves. Though if it’s true that Justice League is 121 minutes long, this is how it would  break down compared to the other films:

Man of Steel – 143 minutes
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  151 minutes
Suicide Squad – 123 minutes
Wonder Woman – 141 minutes
Justice League – 121 minutes

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