Justin Kroll From Variety Says He’s Heard Batman v Superman is Great


Justin Kroll who’s a writer for Variety, was on the podcast Meet The Movie Press, where they started talking about all the articles popping up stating there was problems with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in regards to Warner Bros. being worried, but Kroll goes on to say he heard nothing negative about the film.

“By the way guys, I heard it’s great. I haven’t heard, like these troubles, I haven’t heard any troubles, lets put it that way. There’s no from like nobody been like ‘Yo you should really worry about this.” I haven’t heard that one bit.”

When asked if Justice League still on track of happening, Kroll responded calling out click bait journalism:

“I hate to say it, but click sales, click sales, say something negative about a big property sales.”

Listen around the 34:50 minute mark:

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