Kevin Smith Confirms Seeing the Next Trailer to Suicide Squad


Director, writer and actor Kevin Smith during his pod cast Fat Man on Batman, confirmed that he was given the opportunity to see the next trailer to Suicide Squad, which stands to be the second trailer, but the actual official first trailer, as the Comic Con trailer that was released was only suppose to be exclusive to San Diego Comic Con.

Smith goes on to praise the trailer by stating it’s “Fuckin’ impressive, hats off to the marketing people” and stating that David Ayer should be given more DC films to direct because of it.

“Hats off to the marketing people, the trailer I saw, the second trailer, I won’t spoil anything about it. Tell you this much, a lot footage, song choices perfect, that they’re building a movie campaign, it’s not like, fuckin’ villains and shit. They’re building something that people that don’t read comics, will be interested in. I found it very fascinating, saw this second trailer, it’s fuckin’ wonderful.”

Listen to Smith’s full description of what he thought of the trailer below, at the 10:29 minute mark:

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