Laura Benanti On Why Alura Zor-El is Close in Age to Her Kara


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Laura Benanti who will be playing Alura Zor-El in the Supergirl television series, responded to fan complaints about her being too young for Kara’s mother.

As if you didn’t have enough on your plate, you were recently cast in CBS’ Supergirl as Kara’s (Melissa Benoist) Kryptonian mother. What can you say about that project?
It’s very early on, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying anything other than our mere nine-year age difference will make sense. On Krypton age doesn’t necessarily matter. A lot of people on Twitter were like, “She’s too young to be her mom!” But it will all make sense once you see the show.

We speculate that it’s possible she’ll be playing a hologram of Alura-Zor-El, which will make younger, since she would be Alura-Zor-El at the age she sent Kara off to earth from Krypton. As Supergirl can possibly be going with a similar story to that of Kal-El, where they’ll have Kara landing on earth as maybe not a baby, but as a child who still remembers Krypton, where she then grows up into an adult on earth.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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