Legends of Tomorrow Interview with Phil Klemmer and Concept Art


In the Entertainment Weekly special edition San Diego Comic Con issue, Legends of Tomorrow showrunner Phil Klemmer spoke on what the audience can expect from the series and the characters, stating that they’ll start off as screwups and will work into their title of Legends, he also talks about all the time traveling that will be taking place on the series. Also within the issue a awesome looking concept art is featured of the team.

Ultimately, Klemmer teases that these lesser-known DC Comics characters won’t just use time to fight crime and stop Savage—they’ll be tempted to meddle with it for their own gain, without thinking through the consequences.

“Who can resist the urge to correct the past or to investigate the future?” he says. “The idea of traveling through time has a caper quality to it, and that’s what we’re looking forward to. Yes, there will be the big ‘try to stop Vandal Savage’ [plot], but people will inevitably become diverted on their little side missions and when people are trying to fix their own timeline, that’s when you really start screwing things up.”


To read the full interview, head over to Entertainment Weekly.

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