LEGO DC Super Heroes: Justice League – Attack of the Legion of Doom – Review


LEGO DC Super Heroes: Justice League - Attack of the Legion of Doom (2015)


Justice League vs The Legion of Doom – The Justice League starts to fall apart when they try to decide who should be nominated as te am leader and a new member sows seeds of discontent among them, all while the world’s super villains are forming their own team to d estroy the League once and for all.

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DIRECTOR: Rick Morales

WRITERS: Neal Adams

CAST: Dee Bradley Baker (Martian Manhunter / Man-Bat), Troy Baker (Batman), John DiMaggio (Lex Luthor / Joker), Grey Griffin (Wonder Woman / Lois Lane), Nolan North (Superman), Kevin Michael Richardson (Captain Cold / Gorilla Grodd / Black Manta), Cree Summer (Cheetah), Tony Todd (Darkseid), Mark Hamill (The Trickster / Sinestro), Josh Keaton (Green Lantern), Khary Payton (Cyborg), James Arnold Taylor (Flash / General Sam Lane)


LEGO DC Super Heroes: Justice League – Attack of the Legion of Doom
is most definitely an animated film made for an all around child friendly view, with little left for an adult to actually bite into, with comedic placements that are more slap-stick than actual well placed moments that’s meant for laughs.

Could have went into this animated film with the wrong mind-set, as this was my first DC Comics LEGO animated film viewing and having The LEGO Movie as a foundation of what I would imagine a LEGO animated movie would be like, which was a well-balanced film for both children and adults. This film wasn’t well-balance, it was one-sided.

Because one of the things that didn’t work for this film was the comedic moments, outside from a quick scene with The Trickster (Mark Hamill) at the beginning of the film with an ironic joke about him being confused as The Joker, the comedy failed in many ways to the point of annoyance. The Justice League were just stereotypes of themselves, but not in the humorist way, the banter between The Flash and Green Lantern was beyond unbearable.

Added with how Cyborg (Khary Payton) acted throughout the film, which was more Teen Titans GO! Cyborg, than the Cyborg one would say most DC Comics fans are familiar with, just an added an extra ping to making this film more of a chore to watch than an escape for entertainment.

The overall story was pretty good though, with the set-up of the Legions of Doom that made of up the usual members such as Lex Luthor, Sinestro, Captain Cold, Gorilla Grodd,Cheetah and Black Manta, their fight against the Justice League. Also the introduction of Martian Manhunter and how he played a big role between the two teams, for the most part worked really well for the movie.

But with every film the surrounding parts have to also mesh well along with the story for the overall film to work, sadly due to the tone, that I just couldn’t get into as it was clear this movie was made with a child in mind, which I am not.

Though it’s not to say an adult can’t enjoy this film, it just wasn’t my cup of tea when it comes to an animated children films.

Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem released on Blu-ray/DVD on August 25th.

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