Mad Max: Fury Road – Comic Book Series


Vertigo Comics has launched a miniseries of comic books based on the hit summer movie Mad Max: Fury Road. The different series will take place before the events of the film and will be written by Mark Sexton, Nico Lathouris and George Miller. At the moment there’s three different titles to the series based the characters of Mad Max, Immortan Joe and Furios.

There’s also a graphic novel that’s set to be released on August 28th.

Mad Max: Fury Road – Mad Max – Release date July 8th

Max. The warrior Max. Haunted by his past and fated to wander the brutal Wasteland in search of his better self. To do so, Max Rockatansky enters Gastown, the only source of guzzoline for thousands of miles.  Here he finds the final piece that he needs to rebuild his Interceptor – the powerful Boss 351 engine. But in order to acquire the fabled V8 in a world where car parts are worth more than a man’s life, Max must survive a gladiatorial battle in a place called…Thunderdome Plus!

Mad Max: Fury Road – Immortan-Joe – Now Available 

In a fallen world ravaged by oil and water wars, humanity exists without law or mercy. All those who wander the Wasteland are ruled by a single imperative…survive!

Among them is Max Rockatansky, a Road Warrior haunted by his turbulent past…

“It’s hard to know who is more crazy.

Me or everyone else?!”

In this first issue, witness the rise of Colonel Joe Moore, a war hero turned tyrannical warlord…The Immortan Joe!

And don’t miss the story of Nux, one of the Immortan’s “War Boys,” who knows only the chaos into which he was born.

Mad Max: Fury Road – Furios – Release date June 17th 

High in the Citadel there exists a bio-dome of clean air and pure water, protected from the toxicity and anarchy of the Wasteland. Here the warlord Immortan Joe keeps his most prized possessions – his wives – imprisoned for his pleasure and his insistence that they bear him healthy male heirs.

Then, amid this cruel depravity, an unlikely rescuer emerges…the Immortan’s most lethal warrior: the Imperator Furiosa.

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