Marc Guggenheim On Arrow and Legends Of Tomorrow


Executive producer of Arrow and Legends Of Tomorrow Marc Guggenheim sat down with io9 and spoke to them about the tone of season 4 of Arrow being lighter, what’s the differences between Legends of Tomorrow to Arrow and The Flash.

Guggenheim on Arrow season 4:

So onto TV. Since the Arrow finale just aired this week, what can you tell us aboutnext season?

Guggenheim: Ah, good question. It will take a lighter tone. That’s pretty much the only thing I say without spoiling it. We’ve been working for about a month now in the writers’ room, talking about season 4, and I think that one thing we all collectively understood was season 3 beginning with Sara’s death, because it’s the death of a major character on the show, it set a tone for the remainder of the season. And I’m not the least bit apologetic for that tone. I happen to like dark and I like the fact that Arrow is a pretty dark show particularly for a network show. That said, every year you want to mix things up and there was sort of a collective desire on all of our parts to try to inject a little bit more lightness into the show, a little bit more humor. It’s not going to radically change. The show’s still going to be the show but in terms of tone we’re coming off a very very hard season for all of our characters. We wanted to try to mix it up a little bit.

Guggenheim on Legends of Tomorrow difference to the other television series:

Okay, if Arrow is the dark superhero show, and The Flash is the lighter, more comic book-ish show, what will that make Legends of Tomorrow? It can’t just be the team show, because both Arrow and The Flash have pretty big teams themselves at this point, right?

Guggenheim: It’s definitely not just the team show. I think the show is going to be bigger, louder, more ambitious even than Flash and Arrow. I think Flash raised the bar on Arrow in terms of adding superheroes and we’re looking to now have the show raise the bar on Flash so you feel like the shows are getting bigger and bigger. One thing we sort of always tell you is that with Flash we’re really trying to provide a feature film every week. With this show we’re trying to provide a summer blockbuster every week.

To read the full interview head over to io9.

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