Marc Maron Says The Joker is a Character Study of a Mentally ill Person


Marc Maron who’s playing the role of Ted Marco in Todd Phillips’ The Joker, recently spoke with NME regarding working with Joaquin Phoenix who plays the title character and Robert De Niro who playing Murray Franklin.

Maron goes on to admit that he’s been somewhat judgmental when it comes to comic book movies, but then when he got the opportunity to star along side Phoenix and De Niro, he was willing to overlook it in regards to The Joker.

“I think it’s a very interesting approach to this world, I’ve been somewhat judgmental when it comes to comic book movies and I’ve got a little pushback in the press for being a hypocrite. Whatever I think, if you get a call and someone says, ‘Hey do you wanna do a scene with Robert De Niro and Joaquin Phoenix?’ your principals fall to the wayside.

Maron goes on to say that the movie is different from other comic book movies, as it’s an origin story and the study of a mentally ill person, whom then becomes the Joker.

If it’s relative to what I think of Marvel movies then it’s like, ‘Yeah, of course I’m gonna do that’. Oddly, it’s not that kind of movie. The approach that Todd Phillips has taken is more of an origin story and a character study of a mentally ill person that becomes The Joker. It’s more of an intimate and gritty movie with a very specific scope. It’s going to be really interesting to see how it comes out.”

The Joker releases in theaters on October 4th, 2019.


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