Megalyn Echikunwoke Comments on Appearing as the Live Action Vixen


Megalyn Echikunwoke who’s the voice actress for the character of Mari McCabe, on CWSeed animated series Vixen, spoke with on the series, the importance of her and the possibility of appearing in the live action DC television series as the character of Vixen.

And do you hope to make the jump to live-action down the line? They could have easily picked a veteran voice actor who’s 50 and doesn’t look the part, but they didn’t; they chose somebody who can be Mari if it goes that way.

Right. Yeah, I think that was kind of the impetus behind hiring me, just to have that option. Of course, we don’t know and I think it’s all based on how well this animated series does and how rabid the fans are for more Vixen. I’d love to play Vixen in live action; I’m into it.

If you had to explain what is the most important part of the character to you, what would that be?

I think what’s really cool about her is, to a degree she’s kind of a self-made superhero. Her backstory is that she was orphaned, she was born in Africa, she was orphaned and then gets to the United States. Like a lot of Americans, like a lot of children of immigrants or anybody, really, she’s trying to find her identity as a young woman. Through this, the discovery of her power and her ability, finds a way to interact with the world that helps her thrive and be the best version of herself.

Also, I just think that the fact that she’s kind of one with the world and that she can communicate with animals, that’s a really cool power because it makes her very grounded.

One of the things I think is really interesting about launching something like this is that it’s a new medium; you have the touchstone of Flash and Arrow but that’s about it. Do you think having the new medium and having your own show, do you think you have a lot more freedom than you would to flex some creative muscles if, say, you appeared for the first time on The Flash or something?

Yeah, I think so. I think if it does end up being live action in any way, it’s really cool that I have this warm-up into the character and I really can create my own version of Vixen.

Doing the voice of a character like this is very physical and very involved. Half of what we’re doing as actors is just using our bodies and using our voices to get the stories across. I think it’s a blessing that I get to start here and then hopefully be ready to really bring something special to the live action piece of this should it go there.

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