Neil Gaiman Wanted Benedict Cumberbatch for Sandman


Neil Gaiman writer and creator of Sandman, who’s also working alongside Jack Thorne, David Goyer and Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the film adaptation, stated in a recent interview how he wanted Benedict Cumberbatch (Star Trek: Into Darkness, 12 Years of SlaveThe Hobbit) for Morpheus, but now wants Tom Hiddleston (Thor, War Horse) for the role, even though Hiddleston as we know is also attached to another comic book franchise with the Marvel films.

“There was a time Johnny Depp would’ve been a great Morpheus, but now he’s too old and it’s fine. I think the first time I saw Benedict [Cumberbatch] was as Sherlock Holmes, I thought, ‘wow, that’s incredibly Morpheus.’ Tom Hiddleston is still out there, and the truth is, as far as I’m concerned, anybody who sounds English with great cheekbones can probably pull it off. With Joseph Gordon-Levitt in charge, his instincts are good and he loves the material. He wants it to be true to the material. [T]hey’ve written a script. I got a phone call about two, three weeks ago from Joe and David [S. Goyer] saying, ‘Jack did a script, we read it, we want some things done to it. We want you to see it, but not this version. The next version will be in three weeks and then you’ll be the first person to see it.’ So I am now a week before seeing the script. It’s going to come in just before Christmas. I’m nervous, I’m on tenterhooks. But do I have good feelings? Yeah I do.”

This comment by Gaiman leads us to believe that Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn’t in fact playing Morpheus or will be appearing in the film at all.


UPDATE (12/17/2014):

Gainman clears up his comments on both Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston via twitter:

He also clears up what Morpheus should look and sound like in an article’s comment section:

Revisionism? People have always asked me over the years what his voice sounds like, and I’ve told them it sounds like the voice in the back of your head.

The voice in the back of MY head sounds English.

If I was dream-casting, I’d cast someone who sounds like that. (Decades ago, when Morpheus was going to turn up in the Batman Animated TV show, we were talking about John Hurt or Alan Rickman to voice him.)

He is an anthropomorphic personification. Truthfully, he doesn’t even have cheekbones.

If you are dream-casting Morpheus, you can cast anyone, of any species or kind to play him, sounding however you wish, as long as their voice comes out in white letters on a slightly globby black background.

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