Official Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice T-shirts – Available to Pre-Order


Officially licensed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice t-shirts have released and are now available to be pre-ordered on The t-shirts come in four different theme – Batman: Gotham DemonSuperman: False God, Batman: Gotham Guardian / Superman: The Last Son of Krypton and the Batman v Superman logo.

All T-shirt cost $24.99, are unisex wear and offers free shipping.

Batman: Gotham Demongothamdemon_shirtSuperman: False Godfalsegod_shirtGotham Guardian / The Last Son of Kryptongothamguardianh_shirt Batman v Superman superbatman_shirt

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  • abdoulhay ceesay

    Its funny the call supes a “false” god when hes the only God they’ve seen ever….

    • Newmantoplease

      To be fair he’s not really a god at all, he’s just has the power you’d think a god would have.

      Still love Supes though.

      • abdoulhay ceesay

        Oh ok.

      • He’s God like in the sense of how humans for thousands of years have defined them.