Oliver Queen and Ted Kord Exist In the DC Extended Universe


As we previously reported on the Wired Magazine interview with Lex Luthor, which in the article of the interview, featured a chart that compared LexCorp with that of the other known DC Comics corp companies such as Kord Industries, Stagg, Queen Industries and Wayne Enterprises.

Three of the five companies listed on the chart are affiliated to Justice League members and we already know Bruce Wayne of Wayne Enterprises exist in the DC Extended Universe, as he’s in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

But the other names that stand out on the chart that have yet to be used in any form in the DC Extended Universe, basically just Man of Steel, is that of Kord Industries, owned by Ted Kord who’s known as Blue Beetle and Queen Industries, owned by Oliver Queen who’s known as Green Arrow.

The fact Warner Bros. and co. choose to use those names, much like they choose to put LexCorp and Wayne Enterprises easter eggs in Man of Steel, pretty much confirms that Ted Kord and Oliver Queen not only exist in the DC Extended Universe, which we would think that they do, as Warner Bros. has all the rights to every DC Comics characters, but that we might be seeing them sooner than later… at least we hope!


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