Owain Yeoman Says the Supergirl Pilot Was Like Shooting a Movie


Owain Yeoman who’s playing Vartox in Supergirl television pilot talked to Yahoo! on his role and filming the pilot episode.

In another role very different from The Mentalist, you’ll be playing the villain Vartox in the pilot for CBS’s Supergirl series. Is there potential for Vartox to be recurring?
At the moment, it’s something I can’t really talk about an awful lot. I’ve just signed on for the pilot. I guess there’s always the potential that a character could come back. I’m contractually signed on with Turn, so obviously that’s my home right now. I will say the scope of the Supergirl pilot was incredible. I’ve personally never been involved in something with such a huge production value and scope. Glen [Winter], the director, is doing incredible things with it, and I really feel like people who are fans of not just the Supergirl world, but the whole Superman franchise, will be really, really thrilled with this. It genuinely felt like we were shooting a movie.

Was it fun to go from the Revolutionary War costumes to a comic book character costume?
Yeah, for sure. Being typecast is the enemy of any actor, so if you can try to do something that flips on the head peoples’ ideas of who you are or what you can do, that’s my biggest aim. I worked very hard for Supergirl to put on a lot of physical size, bulked-up an awful lot. That was a real challenge for me, just to be able to go through a physical transformation. What’s really interesting about all of these characters is that I think, if you play any character with any sense of him being evil, then you’re starting from a really, really, redundant place. You have to understand their motivation, whether it’s in a police procedural, a historical piece, or a modern-day superhero piece. I think those characters will inevitably become much more interesting then.

Source: Yahoo

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