Patty Jenkins and Diane Nelson Insist Wonder Woman Will be Optimistic

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins, along with president of DC Entertainment, Diane Nelson in an interview with Variety  confirmed that Wonder Woman, like her comics will be much more optimistic and lighter than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

“There’s a misconception that DC or [parent studio] Warner Bros. has made a conscious decision for all our movies to be darker or edgier,” said Diane Nelson, president of DC Entertainment and resident of Warner Bros. Consumer Products. “That’s not the case. Fans of the DC universe know that there are characters, like Batman, who are darker, but there are others like Wonder Woman, who are hopeful, optimistic leaders, and the tone of this film represents that.”

Jenkins goes as far and stating she was inspired by Richard Donner’s 1978 Superman movie, which was very optimistic:

“‘Superman’ was all about you,” said Jenkins. “It was about you watching and realizing what it would feel like to have great powers and do great things. It was full of love and emotion.”

“Wonder Woman” finds the hero in the midst of World War I, and even though the overall tone is optimistic, the filmmakers stress that there are serious moments, as well. The movie is very much an origin story, explaining how this female warrior opted to leave her homeland behind to try to save humanity. “

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