Patty Jenkins Filmed Scenes for Wonder Woman in Cilento, Italy


According to different Italian news sites, Patty Jenkins with a crew for Wonder Woman filmed scenes in Cilento, Italy back in early December of last year, as the production filmed scenes at the Natural Arch of Palinuro and between the beaches of Palinuro and Camerota. We’ll strongly speculate these scenes were for Themyscira.

An article by had this to say about the shoot:

Even Wonder Woman could cross the threshold Naturale Palinuro: the wonderful resource has been closed to visitors because it requires implementation of safety measures.

And the American director Patty Jenkins, along with Warner Bros staff, had to hijack the cast on another beach between Palinuro and Camerota. The scenes of the film, therefore, are set between London and Cilento.


While had a bit more details, stating the production of Wonder Woman will also end up in France:

Wonder Woman will not fly from the Natural Arch of Palinuro. Warner Bros, one of the most important studios in the world, has chosen the Cilento to shoot some scenes for his next film but the film director Patty Jenkins has had to give up work at the foot of the monumental structure.The Natural Arch is still caged and is off limits to visitors. Unable to shoot scenes of the film, although of international importance. The cast has been moved to another beach between Camerota and Palinuro. Already in the process of filming in London, the production of Warner Bros in the coming months will move to France and Italy and some scenes will be shot in the Cilento.

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