Patty Jenkins Talks on How to Make Wonder Woman Vulnerable


Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, spoke how she landed the job to direct the first Wonder Woman, when she approached Warner Bros. for the job, as well as how the 1978 Superman effected her when I was a kid and how that kind of movie was always the brass ring of what she wanted to do with her career as a filmmaker, in hand helping her shape how she wanted Wonder Woman to be like as a film.

Also taking to account the original Wonder Woman comic book by William Moulton Marston, to honor the character’s legacy, and to make her as universal to every little girl, which also includes it being important to her to make sure Wonder Woman is vulnerable, loving and warm as she should be, as it’s important for Jenkins to make Wonder Woman multidimensional.

It also was important to me to make sure she was as vulnerable, loving and warm as she should be. It’s important for her to be multidimensional.

It’s been incredible to make something about a superhero that stands for a message of fighting for a loving, thoughtful government, especially in this current climate. It’s been a special process to make something with the beautiful message that it’s difficult to be a hero and stay kind and thoughtful in everything that you do. There’s going to be a lot of conversation about her being a woman in these times, but I think the greatest part about the character is that she’s so much bigger than all of that.

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