Possible New Batman v Superman Action Figures


Possible new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice action figures for Batman and Superman, with removable parts, along with accessories, were on displayed at the Tokyo Game Show expo this past weekend, and photos of the figures have made their way online.

We can no way confirm that these action figures are official toys for Batman v Superman, we can only assume going by how they look. If they are, they’re most definitely the best looking action figures we’ve seen so thus far for the film.


Came to our attention thanks to CmputrBlu, that the figures are from the toy company Square Enix, who’ve in the past have made DC Comics figures, such as for The Dark Knight Rises, Watchmen and for the Batman Arkham video game series.

Figures from Square Enix can range from $44.99 upwards to $234.99 US dollars, for the sake of our pockets, lets hope these fall in the lower end.

Source: @kyr95

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