Preacher Pilot Script Gets Love

Shares reviews the script to the new Vertigo/DC Comics live action television series adaptation of Preacher, that’ll be airing on AMC.

A quick summary of their review is basically, they really loved it, which in hand makes us super excited for the series!

In the last few days I have read and written about TV pilot scripts for Fear The Walking Dead and Scream and Lucifer (with more to come). But Preacher is the one I am actually ecstatic about. The references are bang up to date and relevant, though not just in an “add an iPad” fashion (though they do do that). In this case it’s gay marriage, offensive sporting mascots and sado masochism amongst consenting adults. In the way that the TV version of Constantine just ripped the politics out of the original comics, Preacher keeps them in.

It is astonishingly good, more so for being so different from the comic. But not in the way that it feels. It feels like Preacher and dammit, that’s all I actually want.

I said that Lucifer depended on casting someone like Russell Brand in the role or it would fail utterly. Preacher, you can just go through central casting, the script is so good that anyone who can memorise a line is going to be made famous by this. Basically if you are an actor and you are asked to read for Preacher, bite their hands off.

Preacher has yet to receive a premiere date, we will report it once it’s announced.


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