Questlove Gomez Says Common is Tattooed Man in Suicide Squad


Questlove Gomez who’s the drummer for the The Roots and a good friend to Common, shared an image on his Instagram of Commom and Tattooed Man, with the following caption “It’s @Common #SuicideSquad #AbelTarrant”.

In other words, Gomez is saying Common is Tattooed Man in Suicide Squad.

In the comics Tattooed Man has been two different characters, Abel Tarrant who’s the first Tattooed Man, which is whom is seen in the image Gomzed shared, then there’s Mark Richards, which is whom you see in the banner above. Common looks like the version that appears in the photo Gomez shared, at least design wise, with the piercings and shaved head.

But it’s possible that Suicide Squad Director David Ayer is taking both characters and fusing them into one, if it ends up that it’s true that Common is playing Tattooed Man. Of course this doesn’t officially confirmed that he is, even though this information is coming from a close friend of the actor.  Grain of salt will be taken until officially confirmed.

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