Red Gets NBC Television Series Adaptation


According to Deadline, NBC is developing an hour long series based on the movie franchise Red, that’s based on the DC Comics imprints Homage Comics / Wildstorm comic book series with the same name.

Going by the article it seems like the television series will be adaptation based on the films over the comic book.

The TV series version will retain the core concept of the films but will be set in a more grounded and authentic world, focusing on the characters’ darkly hilarious struggles to survive civilian life as they simultaneously fight for and against the very organization that threw them out. Jon Hoeber, Erich Hoeber, di Bonaventura and Vahradian executive produce.

Head over to Deadline to read the full article.

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  • Eric Curto

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NBC STOP LEAVE DC STUFF ALONE, ughh, as much as I wanna see this as I enjoyed the film I refuse to watch NBC anymore, they screwed me over for the last time(Constantine and Hannibal)

    • WB/CW has screwed over more DC shows than any network, yet DC fans still support them because they managed to make some awesome DC shows… DC fans will turn around on NBC if these series turn to be successful and remain on the air.

      • Eric Curto

        When did WB/CW screw over DC? Lois and Clark aired on ABC, Birds of Prey got a series finale, Smallville was on for 10 years and got a proper finale. The New Batman Adventures and Superman: The Animated Series also did well until the rest of the DCAU went to the Cartoon Network. The Batman and Legion of Superheroes had decent finales. The closest “screw overs” we have gotten from that network was not picking up Mercy Reef aka Aquaman and not going through with the Supergirl series that was being planned for Laura Vandervoort

        • They canceled Birds of Prey, didn’t pick up Mercy Reef, Global Frequency into series, past on
          The Graysons, Hourman, The Spectre, Amazon and Supergirl as pilots… that’s only DC, not to mention the handful of other series they’ve canceled that were fan favorites.

          If DC fans are going to make NBC into the devil because they canceled one DC show and didn’t pick up another, to the point of not wanting to support future DC shows on their network, then the same treatment needs to be done to The CW.

          • jas

            Sorry, I have to disagree with you. Birds of Prey was a terrible show. It doesn’t matter if they were fan favourites or not, if the show isn’t getting enough views they’ll shut them down. Also, most of the Pilots you mentioned were terrible too. Also CW allowed Smallville to last nearly 10 years!

          • Never said any of those shows were great, but NBC can’t be seen as not caring for DC shows simply because they decided to not pickup a pilot that wasn’t great (Wonder Woman) and choosing to let go of Constantine due to not getting the numbers aka viewers they needed, and when given the chance CW didn’t pick up the series either.

            CW has more baggage of screwing over DC related shows, which is the term being used for what NBC did, yet some DC fans are screaming at the top of their lungs about not supporting the two new NBC shows that are DC related, because what they did to Wonder Woman and Constantine, it’s hypocrisy.

            NBC still hasn’t had a real opportunity given to them to have a DC show be successful on their network, meanwhile CW has had so many chances given to them and they’ve allowed many to not go anywhere, which I’m personally fine with… That’s how things work, you to have more misses than hits, before you finally get hits. Which is what has happened with WB/CW.

          • Eric Curto

            They canceled Birds of Prey but still gave it a series finale, instead of just leaving us hanging, like Constantine. They didn’t go with Amazon because the timing wasn’t right, they didn’t screw anyone over on that, cause even the writers still get paid and the fans didn’t have to sit with a show the network didn’t have total faith on to begin with. Mercy Reef was an ok pilot, but it wasn’t enough to warrant a whole series, in my opinion. They passed on the shows because they didn’t feel it was the right time, they never committed to the shows or make a season getting fans invested and than cancel it.
            NBC, as I said before has screwed me and many fans over on more than just DC products, if its not like Law & Order or Chicago Fire, it is always teetering on getting canceled, those type of show more often than not have a greater chance of staying on because they are connected to Dick Wolf’s franchise.
            Also Global Frequency pilot was not made by WB and the attempts to make a new version by CW and Fox never went passed the writing stage.
            You can watch this show if you want, when it gets canceled don’t be surprised when you are given yet another cliffhanger because no network(including CW) seems to have anymore faith that their fans will return and have to leave them hanging just to get them back.
            CBS, FOX & CW have all canceled shows I love, but more often than not its not a cliffhanger, NBC has done it to me more and once again its not just the DC shows I’m talking about. Blindspot looks freaking awesome, but its another NBC show and I refuse to put my time and commitment into a series that is airing on network who cancels any show that doesn’t get 50 billion views right away. Even shows I love like Grimm didn’t really get good until the later part of the first season or in the 2nd season, plus NBC has this inability to know that people just don’t like watching Live, no one likes watching commercials, yes I know commercials pay for the programs to at all, but we live in a time of DVR and Netflix, DVD & Blu-Ray, where you can skip ads, they need to adjust how they determine what people want. Because even if they take into consideration the Nielsen Ratings that is as reliable as Rotten Tomatoes as not everyone has one, so you are not getting an accurate readout

          • Constantine didn’t get a finale because NBC had plans on picking it up as a mid-season series if their other pilots didn’t fall through for them.

            All those things you’re making excuses for The CW can be said about NBC with Wonder Woman and Constantine… yet you’re choosing not to support future DC projects that need all the support due to things that happen with all the networks, even over at CW.

            Also Global Frequency was in fact made by Warner Bros. and it was in fact suppose to air on WB/CW, I clearly remember when it happened. FOX didn’t get the rights to it until later. You can read all about it here:

            Once again, the hate NBC is getting when it comes to their treatment for DC shows has happened over at CW much more often, yet fans are okay with it because they managed to get hits, among their many misses with DC.

          • Eric Curto

            NBC had no plans to pick it up, come on now, they put it on the worse night and time, did very little advertising and again you are only focusing on the DC thing, I’m talking about NBC as a whole Saving Hope, great show, canceled and only airs in Canada now, Knight Rider, canceled great show, Bionic Woman great show, canceled, Allegiance great show canceled, Bad Judge great sitcom canceled, American Odyssey great show canceled, Hannibal amazing series canceled(although Bryan Fuller has said it’ll have a satisfying end), Revolution, great series cliffhanger, Constantine amazing canceled and the last 4 are just from this season, I’m tired of getting into shows and than having them canceled. CW, since its been on, I have had maybe 3 shows canceled without proper endings, Melrose Place, Tomorrow People and Ringer, the other shows I have watched all ended with finales, Smallville, Supernatural is still going, 90210, The 100 is still going, Nikita got renewed just to give the series a proper end, Emily Owens got a proper finale, I’m just tired of NBC, they need 10 million viewers or they cancel and I’m sorry but that is unrealistic in this day and age of DVR, Hulu and On Demand

      • Eric Curto

        And NBC has done nothing but screw over DC, first they don’t pick up Wonder Woman, I enjoyed what the pilot had, but they could have easily reshot the pilot and go with a new direction. Constantine they were never serious about as they gave it shitty timeslots and even the head of NBC had said they were not as committed as they originally felt. Besides its not just DC shows they’ve screwed fans over with but plenty of other times I got invested in their shows and didn’t get a proper finale, Knight Rider, Bionic Woman are just a couple of examples

        • If you think NBC screwed over DC for not picking up the Wonder Woman series then your hate for CW should be much stronger for not picking up Amazon, not once but twice, which was going to be a series about Wonder Woman on Themyscira.

          • Eric Curto

            not really a screw over when they didn’t go out of their way to develop a pilot and than turn it down, they only did that with Aquaman and again WB/CW has always shown some sort of love for DC programs in some form, NBC not really

          • Not only with Mercy Reef, they also did it with Global Frequency as well, they made a pilot for that series and then didn’t pick it up and kept Amazon pending for two years, even had the script rewritten, had a actress waiting, then finally they decided to not greenlight it because The Flash and supposedly because the script still wasn’t what they wanted from the series… So yes, they screwed over writers who reworked a script for two years and the actress who thought she had a role.

            WB/CW actually owns DC Comics, NBC does not… so to hold it against NBC for not playing favorites with DC products, while WB/CW who actually own it, don’t always either, it’s unfair to these new DC shows they have in the works, to not support them because of two examples of NBC not supporting DC product…. meanwhile CW which was once WB, has a longer list of doing the same thing, but it’s okay because of what they’ve done recently, when before they weren’t giving anything else a chance outside from Smallville.

          • Oh I forgot to add that The CW passed on picking up Constantine as well, when they were given the chance to… so there’s that to factor in for the CW screwing over DC shows… they choose, two other series and most recent pick ups– Friday the 13th and The Notebook over Constantine.

          • Eric Curto

            CW doesn’t have the same budget as NBC does, so having Constantine on CW would have been watered down, while its great to know he is returning and he is connected to that NBC world, how neutered will he be in comparison? I mean at the moment he is only appearing in one episode with a chance he’ll appear in more and hell they may very well bring Constantine back if the numbers are good for the episode or episodes he may end up appearing in, but again the closest CW has to a Constantine level show is Supernatural and even that has been watered down since CBS & WB teamed up

          • Constantine didn’t have nearly the same special effects like The Flash, Arrow or what Legends of Tomorrow will be receiving, so they could had been able to manage just fine with that series, and I recall pretty clearly that Daniel Cerone thought there was a chance CW was going to pick it up, so there was talk and yet they choose not to, but NBC is the only bad guy in this picture.

          • Eric Curto

            Again CW had no commitment to Constantine, yea it sucks they didn’t take it but as the new article you posted stated they want no more DC shows, NBC did commit and chose not to at least give the money to air one episode to close the characters stories

  • Hmm, interesting debate. I definitely see both sides here. I think that with Constantine, NBC wanted in on the Superhero TV game. However, because the network seems to be so conservative, I think they wanted a more iconic character, and Constantine didn’t fit that bill. Not to mention, they stuck him on the worst time slot on the worst night. Plus, they had virtually ZERO marketing for the show. It’s like they never had faith in the show to begin with.

    I don’t want any DC shows to fail. Constantine still bothers me, now DC is struggling to reposition him. I don’t have much faith in NBC right now, but WB seems to, as they are giving them 2 additional shows to work with. Not sure what WB/DC sees in NBC, nor am I sure what NBC is expecting from DC.

    DC is never gonna give them a major franchise to handle at this point, and I honestly wouldn’t blame them. Plus, they kinda have us as the fans over a barrel. We don’t wanna support the network, but at the same time, we want more DC programming, regardless of what network has it. Hell, I’d watch a DCTV show if it came on the Food Network, LOL.