Response to Batman v Superman on Social Media Has Been 57% Positive


According to Fizziology which tracks social media reactions online, released a report stating that 57% of the response to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on Twitter has been positive towards the film, meanwhile only 10% of the responds has been negative, in other words, the other 33% is neutral.

Fizziology states the reception on social media is in line with films like Furious 7 and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The Founder of Fizziology Ben Carlson, had this to say on the fan responds compared to that of the critics:

“I’ve never seen this kind of disconnect between critical reaction and fan reaction,” said Ben Carlson, founder of Fizziology. “A lot of the conversation was about how the reviews were wrong.”

Carlson goes on to say that Batman and Wonder Woman are were the most embraced elements of the film and goes on to say the interest for the film continues to build: 

“From the very first teaser trailer, this has been a film that people have been hungry to talk about,” said Carlson. “The thing that’s interesting is that interest has built and built and built, and you don’t always see that.”

Source: Variety

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