Rob Thomas Talks Season 2 of iZombie


iZombie co-creator and executive producer Rob Thomas spoke to Collider exclusively on what can be expected when the television series returns for its second season. surprisingly he goes into a lot details from the season one finale and how that’ll affect the characters come season two, so if you don’t want to be remotely spoiled, we suggest you don’t read on!

You leave everyone in really interesting places, by the end of the finale. Whose arc are you most excited to explore for Season 2?

ROB THOMAS: I’m really pretty excited about Major’s arc. We’ve got fun stuff for him. I’m excited about everyone. Ravi and Clive are so naturally ingrained in the case-of-the-week that I never have issues with getting them enough screen time. It’s Blaine and Major that exist in the zombie mythology. Their stories aren’t generally in the A-story. The two of them and Liv are really the tentpoles for the mythology stories. I think we’ve got fun stuff coming up.

What can you say about where Liv is headed next? Do you want more people to find out her secret?

THOMAS: The mission statement for Season 2 is in the finale. You hear Steven Weber, as the head of Max Rager, saying, “We’re gonna take out all the zombies.” That is a big storyline for Season 2, and it may create some strange bedfellows. It puts Liv and Blaine on the same side. Liv was searching out Blaine for much of the season, so we couldn’t really play that many scenes with them. We got to have a couple episodes with them, at the beginning of the year, and then a couple quick scenes in the middle, but we want to get them on screen together, next season. So, making them uneasy allies for some of Season 2 is something we’re looking forward to.

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